Cedar Park, TX
Not Your Ordinary Cakes
Jessica Ewald
Owner / Decorator
As a mother of 3 growing boys, and a dedicated wife to a wonderfully hardworking husband, I started of with a love of Art when I was younger and taking art classes through out high school. Since then I had been searching for an artistic outlet. As with many mothers, I began my love of cake decorating with decorating cakes for family birthdays. As the years went by, I started to try new things with the cakes until February 2011 when I first tried fondant and created the “Mario Cart Cake”. That one cake opened doors that I didn’t even realize were there and I began getting orders from others. It started off slow and fairly simple, but within a year I was making a Blue & Gold Dragon Cake to feed over 200 people.
To date I have created over hundreds of cakes, some of which are displayed in the photo gallery, with varying degree of difficulty. Sculpted cakes are my true passion but some of my favorite cakes have been the simplest designs.
I would love the opportunity to take your interests and ideas, and turn them into a cake for your special occasion.